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1. Database server = Instance (Processes + Memory) + Files (Database)

2. Single Instance Database = 1 Instance – 1 Database

3. RAC = Multi instance – 1 Database

4. On client access, listener creates dedicated server process which then accesses the database. Dispatcher pushes SQL in SQL queue, instead of creating individual server process for each client.

5. Data files:

>> Table Space is associated with .dbf files. One Table Space may be associated with several .dbf files.

>> Table space > Segments > Extents > Blocks (Header, table info, row info, data)

6. Processes:

>> Server processes: represent client.

>> Background processes: processes running since server start (DBWriter)

>> Slave processes: work for either server or BG processes

7. Partitions: Range partitions, hash partitions, list partitions, sub partitions (e.g. range+hash)


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SQL Ex Ru: Question 25

It is a try. Not working.

SELECT distinct maker
SELECT distinct model, ram, speed, rank() over(order by ram asc, speed desc) as pos FROM PC
) AS A
inner join product B
ON A.model = B.model
where a.pos = 1

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SQL Ex Ru: Question 24

SELECT model, Price, RANK() OVER(ORDER BY Price DESC) pos
SELECT model, price from PC where price = (select max(price) from PC)
SELECT model, price from Laptop where price = (select max(price) from Laptop)
SELECT model, price from Printer where price = (select max(price) from Printer)
) B
) A
WHERE pos = 1

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