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1. Database server = Instance (Processes + Memory) + Files (Database)

2. Single Instance Database = 1 Instance – 1 Database

3. RAC = Multi instance – 1 Database

4. On client access, listener creates dedicated server process which then accesses the database. Dispatcher pushes SQL in SQL queue, instead of creating individual server process for each client.

5. Data files:

>> Table Space is associated with .dbf files. One Table Space may be associated with several .dbf files.

>> Table space > Segments > Extents > Blocks (Header, table info, row info, data)

6. Processes:

>> Server processes: represent client.

>> Background processes: processes running since server start (DBWriter)

>> Slave processes: work for either server or BG processes

7. Partitions: Range partitions, hash partitions, list partitions, sub partitions (e.g. range+hash)


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HR questions

1. What was the last most technically challenging thing you did in your project?
2. Mention some improvements that were suggested by your manager in past.
3. What would be one thing that you will change in your previous project?
4. What motivates you to work daily?
5. Describe a time when you encountered a production bug and how did you solve it? What was your role?
6. Did anytime you work overtime for getting things done?
7. Let us assume that production ETL started to fail. How would you proceed?
8. How does a typical day starts in your job?
9. What blogs do you follow for SQL?
10. What latest technology news did you follow? Anything apart from BI field?
11. How long is your notice period?
12. Do you prefer researching a lot or work so that customer gets satisfied?

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GIT commands

$ git clone <URL>

$ git add .

$ git commit -m “<message>”

$ git push origin master

$ git pull origin master

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