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Batman Trilogy summary

Batman Begins:

Chill kills Bruce parents –> Freed after 14 years since he testified against Felcone –> Bruce intends to kill Chill but is killed first by Felcone’s man –> Rachael (childhood buddy) tries convincing he should follow his father to curb crimes done by Felcone –> Slaps him for attempting murder and leaves –> Bruce meets Felcone in club to tell he doesn’t fear him; gets beaten –> Runs to lead anonymous life and know criminals

Meets Ra’s al Ghul’s guy (Liam Neeson) who invites to train him –> gets trained as a member of league of shadows–> when asked to kill a criminal runs away by destroying everything and killing Ra’s al Ghul–> reaches gotham after 14 years

Bruce gets to know his company is going to be public –> asks for employment to William Earle –> meets Lucius who introduces him to various instruments –> Bruce develops a base under home –> Meets Gordon as Batman and tells him about Falcone’s shipment with stepler at his back and runs –> Batman intercepts drug shipment and gets Falcone arrested –> Saves rachel and meets as batman first time.

Crane poisons Falcony –> Declares him mental –> Falcony transferred to Arkham –> Batman asks police officer about rest 50% shipment and starts keeping an eye on Crane –> An emitter made by Wayne ent is stolen which is part of that 50% shipment being traded to Gotham–> Earle fires Lucius –> Crane encounters batman and exposes him to drug –> batman gets antidote from Lucius –> Rachael accuses Crane of corruption –> Gets to know about drug in water supply –> Crane exposes her to the drug –> Batman Saves Rachael

During B’day celebration meets real Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) –> Home burnt –> Saved by Alfred –> City goes into chaos after inhaling the drug –> Saves Rachael from mob –> reveals identity –> Intercepts Ghul in monorail containing emitter going to collide with city main water supply –> Defeats him

Lucius reinstated, fires earl (since Bruce has maximum shares)  –> Rachel leaves since he is not the old Bruce (lol) –> Bat signal introduction –> Joker card shown!

The Dark Knight:

Joker robs bank –> Gordon on crime scene tells batman about “the mob” and their money he tracks –> plans to seize all 5 banks having that money –> Meets Harvey Dent for the same –> Bruce holds a meeting with Lau’s company where he gets to find their illicit activities –> Mob holds a meeting where Lau tells them he took their money to Hong Kong from all 5 banks and kept it safe –> Joker intervenes meeting and asks for half the mob’s money if he kills batman –> One black guy doesn’t like joker since he stole mob’s money from bank –> Joker leaves but later kills black guy and takes his guys

Gordon, batman and Harvey hold meeting near bat signal –> Harvey and Gordon blame each other of having moles in their team –> Batman agrees to bring back Lau and does the same

Lau tells the name of all members of mob –> 400+ members get aquitted –> Main members get bail and they turn to Joker –> Joker hangs a dead body in front of Mayor’s office –> Tells via a video that he plans killing one man a day until Batman unmasks himself –> Through DNA on body Gordon comes to know Joker’s three targets: Comm, Judge, Harvey –> Joker kills commissioner (poisons drink), kills Judge (bombed) and hijacks Harveys party –> Batman intervenes, hides Harvey, fights Joker and saves Rachael

Next Joker attempts to kill Mayor –> Gordon dies saving –>Bruce asks Harvey to reveal him as batman but Harvey declare himself one –> While being transferred to jail gets attacked by Joker –> Batman saves Harvey and Gordon (he is alive!) handcuffs joker

Harvey goes missing –> batman interrogates joker and learns that Harvey and Rachael are in buildings full of explosive in locations totally opposite –> Batman goes for Rachael and Gordon for Harvey –> Meanwhile Joker explodes jail and flees –> Batman, to his surprise, reaches Harvey; saves him but with half burnt face –> Gordon fails to save Rachael –> Rachael dies

Gordon meets half burnt Harvey –> Harvey blames him and says he was right that Gordon had mole in his office –> Joker kills Lau, burns all his share of mob’s money –> Declares public to kill a man on news trying to reveal Batman’s identity or else he would bomb a hospital –> Chaos ! –> Bruce (in his Lamborghini) saves the man –> Joker meets Harvey in hospital –> Brain washes –> Bombs the hospital and take doctors as hostages

Dent kills cop and Maroni in revenge –> batman introduces Lucius to city-watch system and asks him to type his name when done –> Citizens decide to leave the city in Ferry until this chaos gets over –> Citizens get in one Ferry and prisoners get in another –> Joker tells via microphone that their Ferries have bombs and remote control of the other ferry is with them –> Gives them choice to explode the other before midnight and save themselves or both of them explode

Lucius finds joker via city-watch system –> Batman and swat team reach the place –> Joker tries a trick by masking hostages and make them appear like terrorists and terrorists as doctors –> Batman identifies that; fights SWAT; fights Joker –> Joker loses but tells about Harvey who he brain washed

Harvey abducts Gordon’s family and calls him the same place Rachael died –> Batman intervenes –> Both fall off roof and Harvey dies –> Batman takes responsibility of all the murders so that Joker doesn’t win and Harvey remains the White Knight –> Lucius types name and machine crashes –> Alfred burns the letter where Rachael tried to tell Bruce that she will marry Harvey – Batman man hunt begins because “Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain!”

The Dark Knight Rises:

Peace time prevails –> Gordon could not tell truth about Harvey –> Meanwhile bane kidnaps Russian scientist and places a body in plane with his blood sample –> Cat woman breaks into Bruce’s house, confronts him, runs taking his mother’s necklase –> Kidnaps a congressman –> Bruce realizes she came there to take his finger prints –> Catwoman gives the fingerprints to assistant of John Daggot in return of slate –> Gets deceived; calls cops using the Congressman –> Gordon goes into a manhole while chasing thugs –> Gets attacked by Bane’s guys –> Manages to escape but gets hit by bullets –> Robin saves Gordon –> Hospitalized

Bruce meets Gordon –> Gordon forces batman to come back –> Bruce meets Lucius; learns all his finance has been funelled to clean energy project –> Tracks catowoman and takes his necklase back –> Also meets Miranda Tate who is also funding clean energy project

Bane attacks stock exchange –> Flees after copying some program –> Batman tries to catch but police chases him instead of the thugs –> Runs away from Police in Bat flyer –> Saves Catwoman from Dagget and Bane –> Fires Alfred learning that hid from him that Rachael didn’t love him –> Gets to know he is bankrupt; Bane used fingerprint to appropriate his shares –> John Dagget tries to take over the company but Bruce plans to sell it to Miranda tate and introduces her to the fusion rector –> Daggot gave Bane oppty to work underground Gotham in return of this stock exchane plan; Bane says everything is going as per plan; kills daggot –> Bruce has sex with Tate ! –> Catwoman takes Batman to Bane to get slate in return but deceives to save her life –> Batman fights bane; gets defeated and gets throne in the well (prison)

Bane gets hold of Wayne Ent armory –> Kidnaps board members –> Takes in charge of reactor –> Uses Russian scientist to turn it nuclear which might explodes in 5 months time –> Robin finds out about gasoline everywhere in the city but too late –> Bombs explode everywhere –> Police get trapped underground –> Bane introduces his plan to Gotham during rugby match –> Kills scientist; only man who know how to diffuse it –> bombs all bridges –> Asks outsiders not to interfere or else bomb blasts –> Frees all prisoners and tells truth about Harvey dent –> Makes army –> Gordon manages to flee the hospital

Bruce manages to flee from the well –> Comes back to Gotham –> Meets Catwoman –> Gives slate and asks her to take him to Lucius –> Tries making plan about diffusal –> Saves Gordon and others from exile punishment –> Catwoman takes batpod from batman and leaves the city –> War happens –> Batman fights bane –> About to win but Tate stabs him –> Get to know that Tate is Talia, Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter –> Gordon manages to cut remote control and bomb connection –> Tate leaves in bat vehicle to protect bomb –> Catwoman comes back and kills Bane; saves batman

Tate dies protecting bomb but tells that it cannot be attached back to reactor since she has overriden all policies –> Lucius attempting to kick on the reactor drowns everything –> batman takes the bomb in bat flyer and detonates it outside 6 mile radius

People think batman is dead –> Make him hero –> Lucius learns that Bat flyer’s auto pilot was working and was fixd by Bruce himself –> Alfred sees Bruce and catwoman happily together in Florence and leaves –> Robin reaches bat cave.

* * * * *

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