TOEFL – WQ2 (10)

In my view old friends that we have and new friends that make are pretty different on the scale of trust we lay on them and expectation they have from us. Comparing them on this scale I tend to agree with the topic that it is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new ones.
The level of trust we bestow on our old mates is more than we do on the new ones. There are several reasons for that, long years of realtionship being the most important. When it comes to lending vehicle, looking after our home or asking for money, for instance, it requires us to trust someone whom we know from several years and not months or days. Hence, new friends, who have been there with us for few months, cannot be trusted when it comes to such important aspects of life.
Second, the old friends do not have much expectation from us. We often befriend people when we are young. Back then friendship has no strings attached. We get together to play sports, have conversation or study together. However, as we grow up we start making friends in the same economic status we belong. The new friends we have have an expectation from us to be in the same zone of economy so that they can maintain their reputation. Also, some friends we make who belong to lower economy have expectation of getting help from us now and then. Personally, I have seen cases where these are the friends who are first to leave us during our economic crisis. Old friends, who have never had any expectation from us in past, tend to lend us hand for help.
However, it is important to make new friends. As the life progresses it may happen that we take a different career path than our old friends. We lose contacts and our conversation with them weakens. In that case, it is always adviced to make new friends and be socially active. Among these new friends, then, we will have to choose one best friend we would like to be in contact as and when we get old. After all, it is only after a considerable time when we can start trusting them and become as good as old friends.
All in all, in my view, it doesn’t hurt to make new friends but, given the higher level of trust we place and no expectations, it is better to concentrate more on sticking with old friends.

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