TOEFL WQ1 (10)

The professor in the lecture refutes all the points made in the reading passage in order to state that Rembrandt was the creator of the painting Portrait of an Elderly Woman in White Bonnet. According to her, the painting was edited several years after its creation.
The reading passage posits that Rambrandt, given his attention to detail, could not make a mistake of making a woman wear luxurious fur collar and a servant’s white cap at the same time. The lecturer, however, states that according to some researchers the fur collar was painted long after the painting’s completion. It was added in the painting to add more value and make it look aristocratic.
The lecturer also claims that before the painting was edited, woman was portrayed to wear a simple collar. This made the light reflect onto the face of the woman. This clearly contradicts the point mentioned in the passage according to which Rembrandt cannot make a mistake of painting woman’s face shiny when there is a fur collar, which shall abosrb any light that falls on it, in middle of the light coming from the bottom and her face.
The reading also mentioned that there were several pieces of wood conjoined at the end which was not the way Rembrandt painted. He used to paint on wood panels but never glued several pieces together. The lecturer states that the pieces of the wood were conjoined several years after the completion of the painting in order to add more value to it. Moreover, the wood that was used in initial formation of the painting was from the same tree whose wood was used by Rembrandt during creation of his self-protrait.

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