TOEFL – Q2 (8)

External appearence is the first aspect which is noticed in a person. However, external appearences can be deceiving. Many people contend that one who takes care of his external appearence is the one to be trusted. According to them, if a person is attentive enough for his external appearence, he might also be prudent about other aspects of life. However, this does not seem quite true for several reasons.

First, it is quite evident from history that a bad external appearence does not show that a person is careless or less intelligent. For instance, Albert Einstein, arguably the most intelligent scientist, never used to comb his hair. He was too engrossed in his works to get concerned with his outer appearence. A person who might be meeting him for the first time might have judged him as someone who is weird which which would not be true. To judge such person, it would require more conversation and spending more time.

Second, a person’s outer appearence, the clothes he wear and his skin colour, is also due to the culture and geographic region he belongs to. For instance, farmers from India generally wear “dhoti” which is quite thin and just cover quarter of the lower body. They also have dark colour complexion, as most of the Indians do. Hence, a person who meets a farmer for the first time might judge him to be quite poor, given the color of his skin and clothing wears which might not quite true. Not all farmers in India are poor. There are farmers who adorn the same clothing and have same colour complexion who grow saffron, cotton and sugarcane are among the millionares.

Moreover, a person should never be judged in first glance. Maintaining your outer appearence by just combing your hair properly, applying the face wash or polishing your shoe are quite easy and can be performed by nearly all the people. However, a good personality, charming behaviour and intellectual prowess might take years of hard work. These abilities can only be judged if you come to know about his views in different topics which can only be performd by spending time with him.

Hence, I agree that a person should never be judged on the basis of his outer appearence. In order to judge people, we should spend time with them conversing on various topics.

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