TOEFL – WQ1 (6)

The lecturer clearly refutes all the three benefits mentioned in the reading.
According to the reading, when a professor appears on television he gains reputation among a much wider audience than he has on campus. However, the lecturer denies this and states that, on contrary, the professors tend to get a negative reputation amongst their peers. They are considered insincere towards their research. They are regarded as entertainers instead of researchers. Sometimes professors are not even called in conferences.
Reading also mentions that professors appearing on television also happens to benefit the universities by getting publicity which results in greater number of applications and donations. The lecturer, however, refutes it and states that professors tend to waste a lot of their time while travelling and getting ready for the shows. This time which they can use for doing research or communicating with their students gets wasted. This not only negatively impacts the students but also university at large.
The lecturer also refutes the point in the reading which mentions that viewers learn a lot from the television shows by getting in touch with a real expert. According to her, the television networks do not want an in-depth analysis of a topic. Instead, they just want to discuss a little about the topic heading. So is the case of the people, who would never like to listen to a research after their dinner.

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