TOEFL – Q2 (7)

Many people contend that young people enjoy more than older people. According to them, when people are in their mid age, they are young and virile enough to travel to places and do anything they wish for, which in turn makes them enjoy their life. However, they tend to overlook two important things – money and time, which is abundant to people when they are old and allow them to do whatever they wish for.

Most young people, particularly in their twenties, start their job and start to earn money. Hence, they do not have much money to squander when it comes to enjoying life, which they mostly do by indulging in adventurous activities or travelling. Moreover, people also start saving early in order to have anough capital to attend to their responsibilities for example, buying a house, providing education to their young ones, etc. However, this is not a case with old people who have good enough capital to squander in whichever activity they would love to do. For example, spending money in getting their book published which they have always wanted to, or getting a house near a beach facing the sea and spending the time there, etc. Hence, surplus amount of money is a factor which gives an edge to older people in this case.

Second, now-a-days, jobs require people to devote most of their time at office. Most jobs require people to be at office for five out of seven days of the week. Some of the jobs require even six days. Hence, clearly, young people only get time during weekends to perform activities they like. And if they enjoy life trarvelling, they have to wait for months to take long vacations, in order to travel to far off places. However, this is not a case for old people who have taken a retirement from their job. They have got enough time for any activity they wish to undertake. They usually have surplus money, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as time to travel to far off places.

However, point of health issues in older people still holds valid. Young people are not prone to health issues due to which they can afford to undertake any adventurous venture. However, enjoying life is not only limited to experiencing adventure. A person enjoys his life when he gets to do whatever he feels like. For instance, who in his old age would like to perform a bungee jumping? It is not just because they can’t do it but craze for adventure slowly fades away with the age. In old age, people like to spend time with the young ones of the family or spending time conversing with old friends or even writing autobiographies. Hence, clearly they do enjoy life in their own terms.

All in all, if we take into consideration the time and money factors, older people do have them in surplus and enjoy life on their own terms. Point is that ways of enjoying life change as the age progresses and people in old ages have clearly an edge.

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