TOEFL – WQ2 (4)

Parents influence the upbringing of their child greatly. Not only they help their child financially by helping them complete their studies but also take decisions on behalf of the child which directly affects his future. This is quite apt from the part pf parents but only till certain age. As soon as the child crosses the adolescent age and steps into adulthood, or to be precise when he applies to go for higher studies, the parents should allow him his independence.

Sooner the adults learn that parents are not there forever better it is for their future. An early independence, hence, will allow the young adults to earn for themselves and not depend on their parents for any of their needs. Consequently, they will learn habits like saving and planning for the future. However, late independence will ensure complete financial dependence on parents. The situation might get worse on an unfortuante demise of parents which will push the child to immediately take decisions for which he lacks expereience

An early independence would also ensure that young adults take decisions on their own. Bad decisions leading them to failure will increase their experience. The experience to handle unfavouable conditions, undoubtedly, helps a person grow and attain success in his life. However, if adults remain in the protective shield of their parents, they are unlikely to take decisions of which parents are not a part. Parents will ensure that the decisions being take by their child will not lead him to failure, consequently, denying him the experience he deserves.

Early indepenence allows young adults to live life on their own and live the way they would like. Parents often influence the way their child live. However, they neglect every individual lives in his own way. For example, an adolescent might wish to have a collection of watches because he loves it. However, the parents refuse him to get one because they consider it a waste of money. If the child, once he grows into an adult, is given independence he can go on to get a collection of watch from his own money and lead a life in his own terms.

All in all, early independence will ensure an early learning for young adults which will help them in their future endeavours.


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