TOEFL – WQ2 (2)

<<Good qualities of parents>>

If anyone asks me what is the best gift God has presented me, my answer will be my parents. Parents, with the care they provide, define the future of their child. Children without parents either have to search for guardians or endeavour themselves to shape their future and become able citizens. Hence, good parents is a gift everyone long for. However, not all parents have that quality of being good. Children under the guidance of parents who are not at all caring or good in behaviour end up growing up as a bad citizen. It is not difficult to figure out some good qualities a parent has which helps in good upbringing of her child.

First, the parent must be caring. Taking care of the child not only helps in making the child a good citizen who helps the nation to move forward in every possible way but also helps to make the child a good parent when he grows up. For example, there may be a child whose parents berate him on every mistake he does instead to conveying what is the right thing to do. Such child grow up to learn that whenever someone does a wrong deed he should be catigated instead of being given a suggestion. This obviously doesn’t work within the society which needs mistakes to be solved and never repeated.

Second, the parents should also have peace amongst themselves. There are families where parents usually have a fight amongst themselves over petty issues. This negatively effects the psyche of their children. The children of the families where love prevails and there is usually peace all around, learn to disseminate love. This positively effects others and society at large. For example, a child who watches his parents fight over all petty issues grow to learn that those issues are actually quite big. When these children go to college they involve themselves in melee and make the environment unfriendly. This negatively effects the environment of whole college.

Third, the parents should practice self-abnagation. There may be times when a family face financial issues. During that time a parent should ensure that needs of the child should be prioritized over his own interests. The parent must ensure that his child gets education no matter what the financial condition is. For example, if the financial condition is so poor that he cannot admit the child in private schools, he should probably look for free education provided by the government. If there is not enough money with the family and it can only be spent either to buy children books to study or buy parent a new watch, the parent should prioritize the child’s need.

All in all, a good parent is the one who takes care of his child in all possible ways and helps him grow as a good citizen who not only helps nation grow but also become good parent and impart same principles which he was taught.


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