TOEFL – WQ1 (1)

The reading states that using technology in teaching greatly benefits the students in understanding concepts they are being taught. There are many benefits of using technology in education, for example it provides variety of learning tools, concepts become easy to learn and also the boundaries of the classes becom extended when students connect to each other via internet. The reading presents before us a study conducted in a classroom. According to which, the students who were trained using computers scored higher in mathematics than those who were taught in the traditional style. The lecturer supports this by presenting an example of another school which trained its teachers for using technology and made them train students over a period of two years. This not only helped the students understand the concepts better but also helped them secure good ranks in the state examinations.

The reading also stated that even though technology has benefits over traditional education yet it is not being used on large scale. It says that a very low percentage of teachers use technology in practice. Lecturer supports the point by stating a survey that was conducted to find out the use of technology in education. The surveyed teachers reported that they were only given a basic training of computers. This helped them hone their skills but did not help them use computer to teach and make students understand the concepts better. Moreover, the training given to them was quite brief, sometimes for around five hours, which is clearly quite less to change the approach of teaching.

All in all, keeping in mind the benefits of using technology in education, the teachers must be provided with adequate training to use it while educating the students. With the experiments done and surveys held it is quite clear that using technology will not only help students in understanding the concepts better but will also help them secure better results.


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