Word list

1. Specious representation of novelty

2. Puffed up with conceit

3. too copious in talking of my country

4. The Darwinian corpus

5. Sporadic rainfall

6. His brazen admission that he was doing wrong

7. Financial predicament

8. They had found no evidence to corroborate the threat

9. declined to expound on his decision

10. is in a state of flux.

11. Confessions extracted under duress

12. Issue has proved to be highly emotive

13. Foray against (raid), foray into (attempt) (My first foray into journalism)

14. Her veneer of politeness began to crack

16. Mordant sense of humour

17. The country was in turmoil

18. Dismissive of the need to control local spending

19. Ominous dark clouds

20. Lurid details of massacre

21. This doesn’t half get my dander up

22. The growing estrangement of Police from other communities

23. Lax in security

24. Book is a riveting account of freedom fighters

25. Journalists have considerable latitude to criticize anyone

26. Insatiable hunger

27. Seminal work on chaos theory

28. Danced with abandon



Pow wow


Hurly burly

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