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Argument Essay (Final)

The memo presented by advertising director of Super Screen Movie Production company is clearly based on many unwarranted assumptions. Primarily, the memo is based on a survey whose authenticity is questionable, which altogether renders the memo invalid.

Unless the presented report is fully representative, reliable and valid, it cannot be used to back the director’s argument.The report states that even though fewer people have attended the movie shows yet the percentage of positive review have gone up. The statement begs the question that how many of the few viewers were interviewed? What if the report is based on interview conducted on handful of audiences who have a predilection towards movies and they tend to praise which ever movie they see? The interview has to be conducted on a large scale covering nearly all the audiences, only then can it generalize the conclusion of surge in positive reviews.

Even if the report is valid the director also needs to confirm the actual cause of waning number of audience. While public’s lack of awareness appears to be a compelling reason yet the director has to present a reasonable answer to the question as to what may be other reason, apart from the aforementioned, for the decrease. What if the movies are being released in theatres which are not in a very good condition? What if there is only one genre of the movies, say horror, are being produced by the company and which attract only a small portion of public, whereas large portion do not have that taste? Unless the director ascertain the actual cause of decrease in number of audience he cannot jump to conclusion of allocating a greater share of budget to advertising.

Finally, the director clearly assumes that they are lacking in advertising and are unable to reach the public. He has to first ascertain the level of advertising campaigns that are being conducted by the production company and how much portion of the public are they reaching. Clearly, allocating more budget to advertising will not help to increase the number of viewers if they easily reach to every individual.

Hence, the memo that director has presented needs aforementioned questions to be answered which may help to ascertain the validity of the proposed action, or may also help in figuring out another action which may help in increasing the audiences.

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Issue Essay (Final)

Present and future prosperity largely depends on the able leadership of a nation or an organization. Be it the leaders in government, industry or anyother area, they all have a reponsibility to augment condition of nation or organization. This mindset of constantly progressing instills only when there is a sense of “constructive” competition¬† amongst them. Hence, the best way to prepare young to become able leaders, society has to instill a sense of competition and not merely co-operation.

Fundamental aim of leaders is to let their organization or nation progress. This progress can only be achieved when there is a sense of competition amongst them. Leaders of ruling party and opposition, for example, cannot build a nation only by co-operation. There has to be a sense of competition that lets one leader to have an incentive to work better than what oppostion might have worked in past. Of course, for passing important bills and making amendments in constitution there has to be a level of co-operation amongst the parties but will that alone be sufficient for overall progress? Old ideas give way to new ones, new politics and new contributions only when there exist constructive conflicts and competition amongst parties in a nation

While the idea of having competition is quite fascinating, yet a reasonable answer has to be provided to the question as to what if the competition amongst parties is not complimented with even a modicum of co-operation? This may give way to “destructive competition” and will prove to be detrimental to the nation or organization’s progress. For example, Fuherer, German dictator named Hitler, was a leader with a great sense of competition but what he lacked was a little sense of co-operation. No doubt that he was a great leader but the competition which he held turned out to be destructive. Hence, although the sense of competition is quite necessary for leaders to thrive, a modicum of co-operation is needed to prevent the competition turn out to be destructive.

Hence, a sense competition is necessary to be instilled in young leaders. With a modicum of co-operation the competition the becomes “constructive” and works even more towards the betterment of the nation or organization.

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