Issue Essay (8) (ETS – 2)

With the advancement of age, ambitions of people have largely surged. Time has come when employees have started considering corporations, they work in, as their second home. With such huge expectations it is apt for organizations to keep their motive as increasing the profits and earning huge amounts of money, given they operate within law, however, it is equally important for them to aggrandize the well-being of society and environment in which they operate.

Corporations are not far secluded from the society and environment they work in. The employees, it owns, come from the same society. Let us assume that corporations only run after money overlooking the condition of its employees. Slowly and gradually, due to societal problems and other personal concerns, employees will loose their interest in work. This will thwart the corporation’s very motive of earning more and more money. Hence, it becomes important for coporations to improve the well-being of its employees and society as a whole. Same can be contended for environment. What if, the environment, due to the industrial waste and accumulation of other waste products, becomes inimical for work? This will do nothing but ultimately hit the corporation itself. It will force corporation to settle at someother place and will consume more money in infrastructure development. To prevent this situation, the corporations must look after the environment they work in. This will not only help them survive but also will espouse them to reach their primary motive.

We can also argue that corporation’s attitude of only running after money will only help the individual and not nation as a whole. To grow the nation, coporations need to regulate a part of the flow of their profit towards the nations development. This is important because a developed nation will open before them a larger area and provide with better opportunities. What if the nation doesn’t have enough colleges and schools to educate the masses? This will cause a dearth of the good working proffessionals.

Hence, it is fine to keep earning more money as a motive but corporations should consider well-being of environment, individuals and society as a whole as its responsibility in order to achieve the very motive.

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