Issue Essay (7) (PowerPrep test)

Its true that students are life blood of a country’s future. Hence, it is also important for the students to choose their right future. Therefore, a nation must require students to study the same nation curriculum untile they enter college so that the students have vast area to choose their field of interest from.

Once a student enters a school no one has any idea what subject might interest her. The student might love to learn history more than science. However, the student can reach such concusion only when she has gone through both the subjects and can juxtapose and compare them according to her interest. Many contend that in today’s era there are such a wide variety of subjects that students, even older in age, will not come to conclusion about their interest. I admit the fact, but such wide variety of subjects evolve from some of the basic ones. For example, zoology is a branch of biology and on similar ground statistics is a branch of Mathematics. Hence, to allow students a level of introspection and find what area interests them the most, there has to be a common curriculum for all which consists of the aforementioned basic subjects.

Many people contend that studying such raft of subjects might pressurize the students and might encumber them from studying further. However, we overlook the fact that the age students are in is the age to hone the skills and allow the brain think incisively. Unless the students study variety of subjects they will not be able to think incisively. While we grow up, we realize that it is really very important to switch our minds from one problem to other which might be pretty extraneous to the first. This capability of switching can only come if we allo students to study different subjects and solve problems from each one of them.

It is also important to maintain the curriculum common throughout the nation so that progress of all the children can be ascertained on the same scale. This will prohibit a situation in which a student wants to study further a subject in which she is weak. Hence, a statistics can be presented to her exposing the position she is on as compared to other students who are taking up the same subject across the country. Based on that statistics it would be much easier for the student to gauge her position.

It may also be argued that what if we allow students to study only a particular field until they enter college. This may preclude them to ascertain a specific area in which their interest lies. What if a student who has great interest and potential in literature is stuck with science. This may not prove beneficial for her in future. The aforementioned step might also not allow students to develop a mind that quickly switches from one problem scenario to another.

Hence, a nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.


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