Argument Essay (7) (PowerPrep test)

The memorandum given by the business manager is lacking of a lot of evidences. This paucity of evidences is clearly rendering it weak.

First, we need more information on the type of complaints that are being laudged by the viewers. Is it on the amount of time the station devotes to weather reports or is it something else. What if, the reports are not being presented in the native language and the veiwers, consequently, are not satisfied by it, and hence, launching the complaints. Due to this, even if the time of weather and local news is restored to the former level, the complaints might not ebb.

Second, no reason has been cited for cancellation of advertising contracts. There may be several other reasons for this apart from the decreased time of weather and local news. Waning economy, competition from other stations might be one of such reasons. Hence, restoring the time of weather news and local news might not promise new advertising contracts.

Third, the quality of news that is being delivered must also be researched. The quality not only includes the language but also the type of national news they broadcast. What if, they have started broadcasting more of news on film industry when there’s an election campaign going on and people are more intersted to watch opinion polls. A decreased quality of news over the year might also be a good reason for increased viewer complaints and increased cancellation of advertisement contracts. Hence, the manager should also conduct a quality check in the station and provide that as evidence to strenghthen the memorandum.

Therefore, aforementioned evidences might weaken or strengthen the memorandum based on the information we elicit from them. The memorandum will become quite strengthened if compaints from viewers turn out to be regarding decreased time of weather report and local news and if cancellation of advertisements is due to the increased complaints and decreased viewers. But as of now, the memorandum clearly lacks evidences.

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