Issue Essay (6) (ETS test)

Teaching has always been a prime tool for shaping people’s future. It is significant to feed the future generation with  positive tenats and extol their positive actions. However, it is equally important to convey what is considered as evil and should not be done in future. Hence, negative actions should not be ignored.

Praising positive actions, for sure, instills an idea of how people can lead a life of truth. However, if negative actions are ignored, people would never come to know which actions are condemned. For example, it is important to extol students in a school who help their juniors in their studies, however, it is equally important to convey seniors not to be harsh on their juniors, which can eventually deter juniors from studying further. By this example it becomes quite clear that negative actions should be pointed out and students must be instructed not to perform them.

It is aso better to enumerate the actions that are considered as negative and their consequences. Some actions, even after being listed as negative, are so enticing that people end performing them. For example, many people often steal to statisfy their basic demands. Teaching these people that stealing is one of the negative actions would not preclude them from doing so. It is important to convey the consequences, for example certain months of imprisonment, will eventually preclude them from doing so.

Hence, from aforementioned discussion and examples we can conclude that good actions must be extolled but it is equally important to convey which actions are negative. Moreover, in some cases, it also very important to enumerate the actions considered negative and their corresponding consequences.


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