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Re-write: Issue Essay (8)

Many people contend that corporations primarily work to gain profits and supervising their work is a task to be performed by a third-party. At first blush it seems logical, however, a closer look reveals that corporations should consider well-being of society and environment they work in while also keeping “making profits” as their motive.

With the advancement of age, ambitions of people have largely surged. Time has come when employees have started considering corporations, they work in, as their second home. With such huge expectations it is has become responsibility of corporations to consider the well-being of its employees. Being completely engrossed in making profits and overlooking the condition of employees might prove detrimental for corporations. Slowly and gradually, due to societal problems and other personal concerns, employees might lose their interest in work and find substitute ways of earnings. This will make corporations lose their well-trained work force and hence thwart the very motive of earning more and making profits.

Corporations are not far secluded from the environment they work in. The accumulation of industrial waste might cause environmental hazards which might prove not only for others but also for the corporations by providing them an inimical climate to work in. For example, a polluted environment might not allow families to live in nearby areas of a corporation, hence, depriving the corporations of officials who live in the vicinity.

In order to make profits corporations must also ensure overall economic prosperity of consumers. This is especially true for corporations which target upper and middle class consumers. If a corporation tries to bring people up and increase the overall economic well being of society, they may find that more and more people can afford their goods. This addition of new pool of consumers will generate huge new profits for the corporation. Hence, it is important for corporations to think long term.

Hence, corporations should not fulfil their primary motive of making profits at the expense of society and environment. Taking care of society and environment will, in turn, prove beneficial for corporations.

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Argument Essay (8) (ETS – 2)

The memorandum presented by the owner of Movies Galore is wrong for many reasons. Primarily, the memorandum is based on some unwarranted assumptions rendering the main conclusion, that to increase profits stores must compromise with their timings and stock, invalid. Hence, before coming to such conlusion and aiming to increase the profits, the owner has to answer certain questions.

The owner assumes that what happened correct in the store at downtown Marston will also hold true for other stores. However, he clearly overlooks that there may be difference in the conditions elsewhere. He presents the fact that on decreasing the closing time of the store in downtown Marston, from 9 to 6 in evening, the operating expenses went down. But what if at other places people find time only after 6 and go out for renting videos and the business time of other stores are high during that period? The citizens of downtown might not be interested in buying videos from 6 to 9 but this might not necessarily hold true for other places as well. Hence, the question stated will need to be answered before any such action is taken.

The question above also holds true for another assumption the owner makes. He states that reducing the stock by eliminating all videos of movies released more than five years ago also helped in increasing the profit. However, he clearly overlooks a question that what if the videos of old movies have good demand in other stores and, in fact, they are the new movies which do not interest people in those areas? This entirely depends on the interest of people which varies from place to place. Hence, this will require a survey to be conducted at all places, in order to know what interests people in particular areas.

The owner must also ascertain the reason of decline in profits instead of just applying “hit and try” methods at different locations to improve them. There may be reasons like, reduced quality of videos they provide or increased competition from other stores, which clearly cannot be prevented by the measures that owner is about to take as per memorandum.

Hence, if actions stated by the owner are implemented without answering the aforementioned questions, might exacerbate the issue instead of ameliorating it.

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Issue Essay (8) (ETS – 2)

With the advancement of age, ambitions of people have largely surged. Time has come when employees have started considering corporations, they work in, as their second home. With such huge expectations it is apt for organizations to keep their motive as increasing the profits and earning huge amounts of money, given they operate within law, however, it is equally important for them to aggrandize the well-being of society and environment in which they operate.

Corporations are not far secluded from the society and environment they work in. The employees, it owns, come from the same society. Let us assume that corporations only run after money overlooking the condition of its employees. Slowly and gradually, due to societal problems and other personal concerns, employees will loose their interest in work. This will thwart the corporation’s very motive of earning more and more money. Hence, it becomes important for coporations to improve the well-being of its employees and society as a whole. Same can be contended for environment. What if, the environment, due to the industrial waste and accumulation of other waste products, becomes inimical for work? This will do nothing but ultimately hit the corporation itself. It will force corporation to settle at someother place and will consume more money in infrastructure development. To prevent this situation, the corporations must look after the environment they work in. This will not only help them survive but also will espouse them to reach their primary motive.

We can also argue that corporation’s attitude of only running after money will only help the individual and not nation as a whole. To grow the nation, coporations need to regulate a part of the flow of their profit towards the nations development. This is important because a developed nation will open before them a larger area and provide with better opportunities. What if the nation doesn’t have enough colleges and schools to educate the masses? This will cause a dearth of the good working proffessionals.

Hence, it is fine to keep earning more money as a motive but corporations should consider well-being of environment, individuals and society as a whole as its responsibility in order to achieve the very motive.

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Argument Essay (7) (PowerPrep test)

The memorandum given by the business manager is lacking of a lot of evidences. This paucity of evidences is clearly rendering it weak.

First, we need more information on the type of complaints that are being laudged by the viewers. Is it on the amount of time the station devotes to weather reports or is it something else. What if, the reports are not being presented in the native language and the veiwers, consequently, are not satisfied by it, and hence, launching the complaints. Due to this, even if the time of weather and local news is restored to the former level, the complaints might not ebb.

Second, no reason has been cited for cancellation of advertising contracts. There may be several other reasons for this apart from the decreased time of weather and local news. Waning economy, competition from other stations might be one of such reasons. Hence, restoring the time of weather news and local news might not promise new advertising contracts.

Third, the quality of news that is being delivered must also be researched. The quality not only includes the language but also the type of national news they broadcast. What if, they have started broadcasting more of news on film industry when there’s an election campaign going on and people are more intersted to watch opinion polls. A decreased quality of news over the year might also be a good reason for increased viewer complaints and increased cancellation of advertisement contracts. Hence, the manager should also conduct a quality check in the station and provide that as evidence to strenghthen the memorandum.

Therefore, aforementioned evidences might weaken or strengthen the memorandum based on the information we elicit from them. The memorandum will become quite strengthened if compaints from viewers turn out to be regarding decreased time of weather report and local news and if cancellation of advertisements is due to the increased complaints and decreased viewers. But as of now, the memorandum clearly lacks evidences.

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Issue Essay (7) (PowerPrep test)

Its true that students are life blood of a country’s future. Hence, it is also important for the students to choose their right future. Therefore, a nation must require students to study the same nation curriculum untile they enter college so that the students have vast area to choose their field of interest from.

Once a student enters a school no one has any idea what subject might interest her. The student might love to learn history more than science. However, the student can reach such concusion only when she has gone through both the subjects and can juxtapose and compare them according to her interest. Many contend that in today’s era there are such a wide variety of subjects that students, even older in age, will not come to conclusion about their interest. I admit the fact, but such wide variety of subjects evolve from some of the basic ones. For example, zoology is a branch of biology and on similar ground statistics is a branch of Mathematics. Hence, to allow students a level of introspection and find what area interests them the most, there has to be a common curriculum for all which consists of the aforementioned basic subjects.

Many people contend that studying such raft of subjects might pressurize the students and might encumber them from studying further. However, we overlook the fact that the age students are in is the age to hone the skills and allow the brain think incisively. Unless the students study variety of subjects they will not be able to think incisively. While we grow up, we realize that it is really very important to switch our minds from one problem to other which might be pretty extraneous to the first. This capability of switching can only come if we allo students to study different subjects and solve problems from each one of them.

It is also important to maintain the curriculum common throughout the nation so that progress of all the children can be ascertained on the same scale. This will prohibit a situation in which a student wants to study further a subject in which she is weak. Hence, a statistics can be presented to her exposing the position she is on as compared to other students who are taking up the same subject across the country. Based on that statistics it would be much easier for the student to gauge her position.

It may also be argued that what if we allow students to study only a particular field until they enter college. This may preclude them to ascertain a specific area in which their interest lies. What if a student who has great interest and potential in literature is stuck with science. This may not prove beneficial for her in future. The aforementioned step might also not allow students to develop a mind that quickly switches from one problem scenario to another.

Hence, a nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.

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Argument Essay (6) (ETS test)

The argument stated by Dr. Karp is wrong for numerous reasons. Primarily, the argument is based on interviews carried out by Dr. Karp and his team of graduate students. The argument fails to provide how many of the interviewed children belonged to Tertia, hence, rendering the conclusion that interview-centered approach is more significant than observation-based approach, invalid.

Dr. Karp states in his article that the interviews that his team took were carried out in islands that include Tertia, whereas, Dr. Field’s observation is based completely on Tertia. Hence, there may be a case that the children who Dr. Karp has interviewed might not have belonged to Tertia. The answers given by children belonging to other islands cannot be generalized for all islands and Tertia in particular.

Apart from giving the aforementioned evidence, Dr. Karp and his team have to also state the exact conversations that happen between children regarding their biological parents. What if, children talk about who their biological parents might be and try to predict them by matching their looks? Hence, amount of time that they take to talk about their biological parents is not enough to rule observation-based analysis out.

It may also be required from Dr. Karp and his team to interview large number of children in Tertia. An interview based on only small number of children may not be fully representative and valid. On contrary, it may also be possible that Dr. Field’s observation might have been based on his 10 years of experience in the island. Hence, to invalidate such an observation it is important to carry out a large scale of interviews.

Hence, aforementioned evidences are needed from the author and his team in order to completely rule out observation-based approach and carry out interview-based approach further to investigate the child rearing traditions.

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Issue Essay (6) (ETS test)

Teaching has always been a prime tool for shaping people’s future. It is significant to feed the future generation with  positive tenats and extol their positive actions. However, it is equally important to convey what is considered as evil and should not be done in future. Hence, negative actions should not be ignored.

Praising positive actions, for sure, instills an idea of how people can lead a life of truth. However, if negative actions are ignored, people would never come to know which actions are condemned. For example, it is important to extol students in a school who help their juniors in their studies, however, it is equally important to convey seniors not to be harsh on their juniors, which can eventually deter juniors from studying further. By this example it becomes quite clear that negative actions should be pointed out and students must be instructed not to perform them.

It is aso better to enumerate the actions that are considered as negative and their consequences. Some actions, even after being listed as negative, are so enticing that people end performing them. For example, many people often steal to statisfy their basic demands. Teaching these people that stealing is one of the negative actions would not preclude them from doing so. It is important to convey the consequences, for example certain months of imprisonment, will eventually preclude them from doing so.

Hence, from aforementioned discussion and examples we can conclude that good actions must be extolled but it is equally important to convey which actions are negative. Moreover, in some cases, it also very important to enumerate the actions considered negative and their corresponding consequences.

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