Issue Essay (5) (Magoosh test)

Our advancement in technology is one of the prime parameter on which we have an edge  over any other species that exist on our planet. With the advent of 21st century, there has been a catastrophic surge in the innovations we do. Many people contend that these advancements have convoluted our lives. On a quick blush it seems true, however, a close look reveals that it is technology which helps in solving small issues fast so that we can devote most of our time on bigger and more complicated issues.

To corroborate the fact stated above we can take an example of a scientific calculator. Just by pressing appropriate keys, this electronic device helps us perform simple mathematical calculations. This not only saves time for scientists and allow them to solve convoluted problems, but also foster them to plunge themselves into even harder problems with calculators by their side.

Technology has not only helped in saving our time but also it has created new areas of research. With the advent of computers, we have got raft of area to research on. One of the product of such research is Internet. Internet has helped in connecting the world and has allowed us to get any information within seconds which makes our life easier and happier rather than complicated.

Technology has also helped us predict impending doom. Global warming is a prime example of such case. Technology has sensed the quick rate of depletion of ozone layer, which is ultimately responsible for global warming. It has also helped in enumerating the instruments that cause this. This quick move has allowed us to refrain ourselves from using such devices.

By the aforementioned examples, we can conclude that instead of complicating our lives, technology has, in fact, made our lives easier and happier to live.


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