Issue Essay (4)

Many people contend that a country’s history should not be judged by studying nation’s prominent leaders, rather, it should the the welfare of entire population through which viewpoint must be made. At first blush it seems logical to infer the aforementioned claim from the reason provided is correct, however, a closer look reveals that it is the nation’s prominent historical leaders who paved a path which the people followed to ultimately experience welfare or decimation. Following examples will support the reason.

Mahatma Gandhi, India’s father of the nation, and many other freedom fighters contributed significantly towards the freedom of the nation. Consequently, the people of India have been living independently since past 60 years. If we begin to study the history of India, with a view to study the welfare of the people, we have to first study people like the aforementioned freedom fighters to gain an insight of what was exactly happening in the nation and what were their exact demands. This small bunch of people inspired people and lead them to create history. Hence, history will be incomplete if we do not the leaders who have helped to create it.

We have discussed about leaders who brought positive change in a nation. Let us now discuss about leaders like Osama Bin Laden, terrorist leader in Afghanistan, who turned nations to belligerants. Similar to the case discussed above, the terrorist leader not only created chaos all over the world, but also lead the population of his own country experience nothing but travail. Hence, the history of Afghanistan is what the leader wanted.

We can also argue that Nations which are deprived of leaders have also not shown much growth and do not have much of historical background. For example, countries like greenland do have population but lacks world known leaders, hence, also lacks rich history as that of America or China.

Leaders tend to inspire people to live life in a certain way. The people follow them and end up making histories. Hence, for studying the society’s viewpoint in distant past we should study the leaders first.


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