Argument Essay (4)

The argument is wrong for numerous reasons. The argument is based on the assumption that children from Jalikistan are becoming obese because of newly injected hormones in cows to produce more milk and not any other product, rendering its explanation, that the hormore is reponsible for obesity, invalid.

The author is overlooking the fact that there may be several other products responsible for causing obesity. For example, there may be an increase in the consumption of certain tea leaves which might not be healthy. The tea leaves might be affecting children, and not adults, because of their weak immune system.

Although author clearly states that the children who are lactose intolerant do not show the surge in such cases, yet there may be many reasons to explain this as well. First, Lactose intolerant children might not be having tea, or the other product causing the disease, in the quantity other children do because of their weak immune system. Second, the author states that there has not been the same amount of increase in obese case among lactose intolerant group, however, this doesn’t mean that there have been no cases at all. The author needs to present the facts of how many children have shown the signs to be affected in order to correctly rule out the case.

Figure of 200% is also not reliable or representative. What if, the problem of obesity would have always been there in Jalikistan, and is quite prominent now because of the increase in population? Hence, along with the fact that obese children cases have increased by 200% we also need to know the increase in population of Jalikistan.

Hence, from the aforementioned arguments it is invalid to assert that hormone designed to produce more milk is responsible for causing obesity in children. Author should present more evidence to corroborate the fact.


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