Issue Essay (3)

Human life, due to catastrophic surge in population, has become increasingly competetive, consequently, pushing us to discern various ways to achieve our goals. Many people contend that it is confidence and optimism which are significant for achieving our dreams. However, they miss out the “force” without which nothing can be accomplished. Hard work is essential for achieving our goal, whereas confidence and optimism give the journey a final touch.

Let us talk physics. How does an object move? It can only move when an external force is applied to it in a particular direction. Moreover, greater the force, faster and farther the object moves. We can now generalize this example and align it with our lives. Moving the object is similar to working towards achieving our goal. Duration of achieving our goal is commensurate to the amount of hard work we apply.

Confidence and optimism are essential for being focussed and exhorting ourselves during the coarse of our journey to achieve goal. But what if we do not work deligently towards the goal? For example, let us assume that the object, as considered in the aforementioned example, is actually an athelete about to sprint for a 100 m race. If athelete only possesses confidence and optimism, he might push himself farther than he is capable of. But what if, provided full confidence, he is capable of running 1 sec short than the winner. It will require selfless hard work, over the years, to gain momentum and finally surpass the winner.

In addition to the above example, hard work alone might also not guarantee the success. Only hard work might leave the athelete behind th winner by 0.1 secr, due to some last time glitch. Hence, it will require confidence and optimism to give the final touch. Hence, in order to achieve the goals hard work is necessary whereas confidence and optimism give our hard work a final touch.


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