Argument Essay (3)

The argument is wrong for numerous reasons. It makes many unwarranted assumptions, like the construction work on I-72 is responsible for making parents receive their kids late, rendering its conclusion that imposing fine will force the parents to come leave early from work, invalid.

The first assumption is that road construction prevents parents to come on time to receive their children. What if the reason of aforementioned issue is something else? The author doesn’t take into account, what time of the year it is and what time does the care center follow? What if the day-light saving months have just ended and companies and have started to work late? Furthermore, the care center has not adjusted its timing to the current one. Consequently, overlapping the closing time with the working hours of parents. In such case parents might never come when the care center closes.

The second reason can also be some new security measures which center might have introduced. What if, although parents leave work at time yet, increased number of security checks they have to go through before entering the center, prevent then to reach on time.

Third reason can be that construction of road might have increased the traffic congestion on the second way to reach center. What if due to large number of people leaving office at the same hour, the second road, possibly, gets cleared only after the center closes?

The second fact that the author assumes is that imposing fines might encourage parents to leave office early. What if, due to any similar aforementioned issue, parents are unable to pick their children at correct time? The fines will not help, on contrary might exacerbate the situation encouraging to enroll their students in some other care center which aligns with their working hours.

Hence, before imposing fines, the center must ascertain the reason of parents coming late to the center by intiating a parents meeting or anyother program that proves useful in such case.


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