Issue Essay (2)

Contribution of Science and technology towards society has been unprecedented. We have progressed from discovering fire to landing on moon; from hunting animals via man made tools to manufacturing atomic bombs. On a quick glance we can say that society benefits from study of Science and technology, however, a close look reveals that benefits of arts and humanities can also not be ignored.

Science has been successful in manufacturing weapons capable of causing halaucast. However, it is the study of humanities, ethics and culture that inhibit us from using atomic bombs on human life. Study of arts and humanities convey us how to progress technologically in right direction.

Many ideas contribute to invention of technoligies. These technologies are then developed and further elaborated by other people. But have we ever given a thought how do we exchange ideas amongst ourselves? By language, a subject covered by arts. Learning new languages have made us capable of communicating with people of different geographical areas and exchage our own ideas. Hence, expansion of Science, or any knowledge in that case, is attributed to arts.

Having discussed about the benefits, what if, still, people who work in arts and humanities are made to earn less than their counterparts in Science and technology? The number of people contributing to arts will deteriorate, consequently making contributions to arts and humanities less. Not only this, but the incisive minds will prefer studying Science to arts, consequantly, deteriorating the quality arts and humanities work. Less works of low quality will altogether hamper the individual and society at large.

By the aforementioned points we can conclude that arts and humanities contribute significantly to the society. The earnings of people in arts should not be less than who study Science.


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