Argument Essay (1)

Cleaning Mason river, the plan announced by the state, is for sure a great step forward to keep Mason state’s environment clean. However, the state’s assumption that citizen’s participation in water sports might increase after the execution of aforementioned plan may be undermined by following reasons.

First, the state should carry out research on the cause of deteriorating river water and the putrid smell. What if, nearby industries dispense lots of toxic waste and impure the water. Even if the state spends large anounts of money on cleanliness operation, the river water might get impure again in no time. If this is the case, the city, before executing the plan, should allocate some other location to industries to dispose the waste.

Second, it has already been stated that the citizens rank water sports higher than anyother recreational sports. What if, the citizines have already enrolled themselves in water ports which is being carried out at some other location. Even if state cleans up the Mason river and spends enough money to introduce water sports around Mason river, they might fail to entice the citizens. While performing the survey, they should also find how many citizens have already enrolled to water sports activities elsewhere, and how many of them would be interested in performing the same in Mason river if it gets cleaned.

Third, authenticity of the survey, which the state has conducted, is doubtful. What if, they have surveyed only society consisting of yound people and generalized the result. What if, population consists more of elderly people who do not have any predilection for water sports. The plan of state might fail in that case too. The survey should be conducted all over the city to get the accurate counts, based on which decision can be taken.

Hence, although a good step, the city should also consider aforementioned points to make the plan a success.


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