Issue Essay (1)

“As people rely more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.”

Technology has largely impacted the life of people in 21st century. We cannot imagine life without it. People contend that technology is making us dependent. On first impression it does seem so, but on a closer look, we find that it in fact helps us to solve our trivial problems and lets us focus on bigger ones.

Let us take example of calculators. It can be easily be argued that calculators help in solving calculations, which eventually make our brain to excersice less, and hence, undermines the capability of people to solve. However, we miss that the calculations, which people often perform on calculators, are to solve greater problems. Scientists use calculators to solve long problems involving complexities involving integration and differentiation. Students use calculators to save their time on trivial additions or multiplications and use the time, instead, to work on honing their other, useful, skills.

Many people also argue that navigators, which we use to find our way to our destination, is making us less knowledgable about locations. However, they do not think over that using navigators, in fact, allows us to find out even some very unknown places. We can even search for places where we have never been to.

Internet is now accessible to one – sixth of the world’s population. It inundates us with information of any topic that we desire. It not only helps us to ponder over issues, concerns or interests but also helps us connect to various other people who are thinking the same as we do.

We can use technology to our utmost benefit if we refrain ourselves from being overly dependent. Never should come a time when absense of technology makes us stop seeking what we want. Technology not only helps us in learning new aspects but also opens up a large area for us to think upon and learn from.


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