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Argument Essay (5) (Magoosh test)

The argument is wrong for several reasons. The author makes several assumptions which render the conclusion, i.e. Supercop made correct decision to move its headquarter from Middlesburg to Corporatevile, invalid.

First assumption that the author makes is that surge in the number of homeowners in Corporatevile proves that it is superior to live than Middlesburg. Here, author overlooked a possibility of Middlesburg being already replete with homeowners because of its high quality of living. Corporatevile, being a newer city, might show surge in homeowners due to obvious reasons. The standards of living in Corporatevile can only be ascertained after few months of its establishment. Moreover, the quality of life cannot be based on the surge in the number of houseowners but the total number of people living in that society and their level of satisfaction. Hence, clearly Supercop must carry out a survey in Middlesburg for the same.

Secondly, the author fails to convey how genuine the survey is. For example, survey might have been conducted among the people who had predilection for non-urban areas. In this case, survey cannot be generalized as an overall interest of all employees of Supercop. Unless the survey is fully representative, valid and reliable, we cannot make conclusions.

Third assumption that the author makes is that lower taxes makes a place safer and cheaper one. Lower taxes do not imply tight security or less crime rates in any way. Moreover, what if, the city has recently been built and hence the taxes are low just to attract homeowners and cost of other facilities are higher than other cities? For example, internet companies might be charging more because of the location of the city. Taxes are just one aspect of overall cost of running a company. Taxes being less do not state that other facilities will be cheaper as well.

Hence, from the aforementioned assumptions, it is difficult to assert that the decision made by Supercop is correct. Clearly, Supercop must study more before making such an important decision.


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Issue Essay (5) (Magoosh test)

Our advancement in technology is one of the prime parameter on which we have an edge  over any other species that exist on our planet. With the advent of 21st century, there has been a catastrophic surge in the innovations we do. Many people contend that these advancements have convoluted our lives. On a quick blush it seems true, however, a close look reveals that it is technology which helps in solving small issues fast so that we can devote most of our time on bigger and more complicated issues.

To corroborate the fact stated above we can take an example of a scientific calculator. Just by pressing appropriate keys, this electronic device helps us perform simple mathematical calculations. This not only saves time for scientists and allow them to solve convoluted problems, but also foster them to plunge themselves into even harder problems with calculators by their side.

Technology has not only helped in saving our time but also it has created new areas of research. With the advent of computers, we have got raft of area to research on. One of the product of such research is Internet. Internet has helped in connecting the world and has allowed us to get any information within seconds which makes our life easier and happier rather than complicated.

Technology has also helped us predict impending doom. Global warming is a prime example of such case. Technology has sensed the quick rate of depletion of ozone layer, which is ultimately responsible for global warming. It has also helped in enumerating the instruments that cause this. This quick move has allowed us to refrain ourselves from using such devices.

By the aforementioned examples, we can conclude that instead of complicating our lives, technology has, in fact, made our lives easier and happier to live.

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Argument Essay (4)

The argument is wrong for numerous reasons. The argument is based on the assumption that children from Jalikistan are becoming obese because of newly injected hormones in cows to produce more milk and not any other product, rendering its explanation, that the hormore is reponsible for obesity, invalid.

The author is overlooking the fact that there may be several other products responsible for causing obesity. For example, there may be an increase in the consumption of certain tea leaves which might not be healthy. The tea leaves might be affecting children, and not adults, because of their weak immune system.

Although author clearly states that the children who are lactose intolerant do not show the surge in such cases, yet there may be many reasons to explain this as well. First, Lactose intolerant children might not be having tea, or the other product causing the disease, in the quantity other children do because of their weak immune system. Second, the author states that there has not been the same amount of increase in obese case among lactose intolerant group, however, this doesn’t mean that there have been no cases at all. The author needs to present the facts of how many children have shown the signs to be affected in order to correctly rule out the case.

Figure of 200% is also not reliable or representative. What if, the problem of obesity would have always been there in Jalikistan, and is quite prominent now because of the increase in population? Hence, along with the fact that obese children cases have increased by 200% we also need to know the increase in population of Jalikistan.

Hence, from the aforementioned arguments it is invalid to assert that hormone designed to produce more milk is responsible for causing obesity in children. Author should present more evidence to corroborate the fact.

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Issue Essay (4)

Many people contend that a country’s history should not be judged by studying nation’s prominent leaders, rather, it should the the welfare of entire population through which viewpoint must be made. At first blush it seems logical to infer the aforementioned claim from the reason provided is correct, however, a closer look reveals that it is the nation’s prominent historical leaders who paved a path which the people followed to ultimately experience welfare or decimation. Following examples will support the reason.

Mahatma Gandhi, India’s father of the nation, and many other freedom fighters contributed significantly towards the freedom of the nation. Consequently, the people of India have been living independently since past 60 years. If we begin to study the history of India, with a view to study the welfare of the people, we have to first study people like the aforementioned freedom fighters to gain an insight of what was exactly happening in the nation and what were their exact demands. This small bunch of people inspired people and lead them to create history. Hence, history will be incomplete if we do not the leaders who have helped to create it.

We have discussed about leaders who brought positive change in a nation. Let us now discuss about leaders like Osama Bin Laden, terrorist leader in Afghanistan, who turned nations to belligerants. Similar to the case discussed above, the terrorist leader not only created chaos all over the world, but also lead the population of his own country experience nothing but travail. Hence, the history of Afghanistan is what the leader wanted.

We can also argue that Nations which are deprived of leaders have also not shown much growth and do not have much of historical background. For example, countries like greenland do have population but lacks world known leaders, hence, also lacks rich history as that of America or China.

Leaders tend to inspire people to live life in a certain way. The people follow them and end up making histories. Hence, for studying the society’s viewpoint in distant past we should study the leaders first.

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Argument Essay (3)

The argument is wrong for numerous reasons. It makes many unwarranted assumptions, like the construction work on I-72 is responsible for making parents receive their kids late, rendering its conclusion that imposing fine will force the parents to come leave early from work, invalid.

The first assumption is that road construction prevents parents to come on time to receive their children. What if the reason of aforementioned issue is something else? The author doesn’t take into account, what time of the year it is and what time does the care center follow? What if the day-light saving months have just ended and companies and have started to work late? Furthermore, the care center has not adjusted its timing to the current one. Consequently, overlapping the closing time with the working hours of parents. In such case parents might never come when the care center closes.

The second reason can also be some new security measures which center might have introduced. What if, although parents leave work at time yet, increased number of security checks they have to go through before entering the center, prevent then to reach on time.

Third reason can be that construction of road might have increased the traffic congestion on the second way to reach center. What if due to large number of people leaving office at the same hour, the second road, possibly, gets cleared only after the center closes?

The second fact that the author assumes is that imposing fines might encourage parents to leave office early. What if, due to any similar aforementioned issue, parents are unable to pick their children at correct time? The fines will not help, on contrary might exacerbate the situation encouraging to enroll their students in some other care center which aligns with their working hours.

Hence, before imposing fines, the center must ascertain the reason of parents coming late to the center by intiating a parents meeting or anyother program that proves useful in such case.

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Issue Essay (3)

Human life, due to catastrophic surge in population, has become increasingly competetive, consequently, pushing us to discern various ways to achieve our goals. Many people contend that it is confidence and optimism which are significant for achieving our dreams. However, they miss out the “force” without which nothing can be accomplished. Hard work is essential for achieving our goal, whereas confidence and optimism give the journey a final touch.

Let us talk physics. How does an object move? It can only move when an external force is applied to it in a particular direction. Moreover, greater the force, faster and farther the object moves. We can now generalize this example and align it with our lives. Moving the object is similar to working towards achieving our goal. Duration of achieving our goal is commensurate to the amount of hard work we apply.

Confidence and optimism are essential for being focussed and exhorting ourselves during the coarse of our journey to achieve goal. But what if we do not work deligently towards the goal? For example, let us assume that the object, as considered in the aforementioned example, is actually an athelete about to sprint for a 100 m race. If athelete only possesses confidence and optimism, he might push himself farther than he is capable of. But what if, provided full confidence, he is capable of running 1 sec short than the winner. It will require selfless hard work, over the years, to gain momentum and finally surpass the winner.

In addition to the above example, hard work alone might also not guarantee the success. Only hard work might leave the athelete behind th winner by 0.1 secr, due to some last time glitch. Hence, it will require confidence and optimism to give the final touch. Hence, in order to achieve the goals hard work is necessary whereas confidence and optimism give our hard work a final touch.

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Argument Essay (2)

Following argument is wrong for numerous reasons. The argument is based on an assumption that, control group which takes raw material show steep decline on average number of colds are in same conditions as the one who are served packaged antioxidants, rendering its main conclusion, that the raw food whould be recommended over packaged antioxidants, invalid.

The five-year old study, although carried over for a good time span, does not clearly call out the exact conditions where different control groups were present. What if, the control group fed with raw food were kept in clement weather, opposed to their counterparts being fed packaged antioxidants? This proves the study faulty. The study should call out the weather conditions to which different control groups were exposed to.

The study also fails to convey the range of ages in different control groups. What if, the control group being fed with raw food consists of young people, as opposed to old people in the second group. Falling sick amongst old people is more common as compared to the young ones. Hence, conveying the range of age is a significant aspect which the study clearly lacks.

Quality and quantity of edibles have also not been clearly called out in the argument. The packaged antioxidants manufactured by different companies, obviously, are of different qualities. What if, the control group is fed with lower quality of packaged anitoxidants. What if, the first control group is fed with larger amount of raw food. Consequently, the control group betraying positive response are getting larger quanitities of antioxidants, clearly making the study faulty.

Apart from aforementioned points, the study must also report the daily routines of the people. The group working at places exposed to bacteria or other germs, are more prone to catch cold.

Hence, we can conclude that unless the study is representative, reliable and valid, the author cannot effectively back the argument that raw food should be recommended over packaged anitoxidants.

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