Analytical writing – 6 (Argument)

Discussing religion has always been sentimental. On a quick reflection on past religious gatherings reveals how prone these are to harassment by other communities. The author, hereby, pleads for security for upcoming religious gathering at Hunter Pavilion. At first blush author’s argument seems legitimate, but more analyzation weakens the implications.

In the above argument, author pleads for deploying security personals based on past experiences of religious gatherings, where his gathering was harassed by people who do not agree with his message. However, author does not provide enough details regarding the harassment his community faced. What if, its only his assumption that the people who are harassing the masses in gathering due to religious intolerance? What if, the messages being circulated in the gathering is hurting to many people who are invited? The messages might be demeaning to another community or might even be against the nation. They must reveal the agenda behind the gathering.

The harassment that gathering faces, might also be due to personal enmity. What if, a group of people loath the speaker or chairman of the group and do not hold any grudge against the community as a whole. The author must come up with evidence that proves that gathering is being harassed by people against their message and not on personal basis.

The author must also site examples that might convince that the executed harassment is not planned. What if, the disturbance is pre-planned by a group of people who want downfall of the community. Same people, who create the disturbance, can be caught by Police and further gatherings might become peaceful. This would not require any deployment of security staff. Furthermore, the problem would be uprooted.

Although author has quoted his past experience well, yet he should come up with more examples and evidences to prove his aforementioned argument.


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