Analytical writing – 5 (Issue)

Many people believe hard-work is the only way to achieve their goals. To accomplish an ardous task it is definitly important to keep on working hard continuosuly. However, alone hard-work would not help in achieving the dreams. Keeping yourself focussed and having a positive thinking cannot be overlooked. Let us take few examples that will eventually prove that we need to maintain a balance between hard work, confidence and optimism.

Taking Sachin Tendulkar, a great Indian cricketer, as the first example. It was shere confidence that made him choose cricket as his career, in a community where parents prefer their children to take up engineering or doctory as their profession. It was optimism, that he will definitly follow his interest and prove himself that he achieved his dream. Finally, it was sixteen years of hard work that took him up in the ladder and made him “master blaster”.

These three mantras of success are not only apt in modern times but also held an important position in past too. How else, could we imagine Alexander the great win plethora amount of battles and ruling the amount of area no one else had ever ruled. It was achievable only when he had a balance of confidence, that he can lead a massive army, optimism, that he can win the whole world and hard work, that was needed to train his army and drive all battle strategies.

Based on the topic, a good example can also be quoted about the story of rabbit and tortoise where rabbit challenges the tortoise for a race but eventually looses the race due to its over-confidence. Rabbit did all hard work and was optimistic too for the race but, in the end, his over confidence led him down. The example reveals how important it is to maintain a balance between hard work, confidence and optimism.

If we go deeper into the subject, let us discuss a case where a person has done enormous hard work but lacks confidence and optimism. Eventually during the day of examination his performance will effect due to nervousness. What if, he has enormous confidence but doesn’t work hard enough to achieve his goal. In no way he can think of achieving it.

So, with all the aforementioned examples we can conclude that not only all three traits but also a balance among all of them is important for achieveing one’s goals.


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