Analytical writing – 2 (Argument)

“Mason city residents rank water sports amonth their favs. Mason river is rarely used. Dirty. Cleaning. More recreational activities. Hence more budget for riverside recreational activities”.

According to surveys conducted at Mason city, residents rank water sports as their favourite recreational activities. The Mason city park department, based on the same assumption, has decided to clean up Mason river which might yield an increase in these activities.

Although, idea to clean up the river, which has already got plethora of complaints regarding its dirtiness and bad smell, might work in favour of the department but their assumptions might go wrong too. What if, the residents who prefer water sports so much, might have found other venues for the same. Even if the department spends significant amount of their bidget to clean the riverside, they might not achieve their goal to attract the residents. For the same reason, the department must come up with surveys that ask for on going recreational activities of residents.

On a quick reflection on daily life of residents, department may also come to know about their connectivity. What if, the residents are not even aquainted to each other. The plan to increase recreational activity might fail in that case too. The department must plan to establish a club for the same.

The department has also not taken into account the fact how did the river become dirty? What if, city drainage systems lead to the same river. Once cleaned, the river will get dirty again in no time, which will lead to the decrease in registrations.

Recreational activities might also fail in several other cases that department has assumed. One of the case can be about flow of river, which might be too fast for activities like swimming and fishing. In this dangerous scenario, residents would definitly prefer some other location.

Hence we can conclude that there are many cases on which city park department must carry out some analysis before going for cleaning riverside.


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