Analytical writing – 1 (Issue)

“As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate”.

“Sheer ease to get a task done obviates any hardship”, this has always been a case with humans. Now-a-days, what could have been completed in hours, with the help of technology, can be completed in few seconds. Though it makes lives go at fast pace yet it curbs the thinking. Few examples that support this issue are discussed below.

The greatest example that supports the given issue is calculator. Calculator helps in computation of complex mathematical problem in seconds. People prefer to stroke down certain numbers in seconds to calculating themselves. This has not only reduced but also curbed the human thinking.

Another example can be world’s most visited website: google. Google adminsters a sub domain named “”. This web page helps in translating languages. People, instead of going through a dictionary, prefer this website where they can get answer in moments. Dictionary, for sure, holds an advantage over google since it helps not only in knowing correct meaning but also displays its use in sentences. Sometimes people find some other related and important words while venturing through dictionaries.

Third most relevant example can be advancement of social networking websites. People spend hours admiring what others are doing, comparing the happiness in each others’ lives. They do not take out time for the betterment of their own lives. Hours wasted on social networking websites can, instead, be utilized by individuals to introspect, or, performing their hobbies, honing their skills. All of these will, for sure, add up to the thinking mechanisms of human beings.

Although technology has also proved much useful in some areas like education, where it can easily present before students a three dimensional diagram of atomic model but still we can argue it curbs the thinking there too.

As the proverb says, “too much of everything is bad”, too much of technology in daily life will definitely curb human thinking.


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