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Analytical writing – 4 (Argument)

According to an adage, “if health is lost, everything is lost”. The increasing health consciousness among individuals has given health experts a reason to look for reasons of health hazards. Consequently, many studies have been carried out to ascertain these reasons. The health experts, as per the given argument, have taken into consideration a five year study which investigates on the possible therapeutic effect of raw food diet. At the first glance, the five year study looks quite convincing due to the period the study has been carried out. However, this study is in itself questionable.

The five year study, although carried out for a good period, fails to clarify the number of people it has tested. What if, only 5 to 10 people might have undergone the experiment. The experts are overlooking the basic immunity of people, which is different for different people. All 5-10 people tested might have strong immune system and during the period of five years, they didn’t show any signs of common cold. On similar ground, number of people in control group, who were fed antioxidant supplimentaries, should also be revealed.

The study should also answer in what conditions were people in control group kept. What if, they were residing in countries which have comparatively lower temperatures thorughout the year. Consequently, common cold might have affected them more. On similar grounds, what if team which was being fed raw food resided in normal weather?

In the argument, the quantity of antioxidant being fed to people is also not revealed. What if, the amount of supplementary anioxidants being fed to control group is very less as compared to raw food being fed to other team. This might also affect the results in the end.

So, unless aforementioned questions are answered, we cannot conclude whether raw food diet is better than packaged antioxidants.

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Analytical writing – 3 (Issue)

“People who work in the arts and humanities should earn less that those who work in the sciences and economics because the benefit of the arts and humanities to the population is less important than that of scientific or economic endeavors.”


Many of us believe and endorse the fact that science and economics have greater impact on our lives than arts and humanities. Scince helps in development of things ranging from as tiny as contact lenses to as large as a skyscraper, whereas economics help in boosting the living standards of general masses. On the other hand, arts has no contribution in the above mentioned fronts. However, while stating the above points we forget about the sustainence of our lives. Let us take few examples that will help in clearing this point.

Arts, as already mentioned above, helps in sustaining life. Philosophy, which stands for love of knowledge, basically defines the course of one’s life. Philosophy, combined with religious studies, conveys what is right and what falls in the wrong pool. Science, as an example, taught us how to make an atom bomb and economics made us financially able to use it, but it was humanities that taught us not to use it against humanity, which consequently makes both the areas, science and arts, equally important.

Although it was science that invented music instruments like guitar, flute, harmoinca etc, but it was music, which comes under arts domain, that made us even more creative with them. People innovated different ragas, different chores that help us rejoice, alleviate all pain and live a happy and long life.

Furthermore, we can argue on the fact that, what if the earning capacity is reduced for people relating to art? Consequently, all contributions towards the area of arts and humanities will go down. Top thinkers will migrate to areas like science and economics which will, for sure, reduce the literature in numbers and definitly in quality too. With this sudden reduction in literature, philosophy and music, sustainibility of life will affect for sure. People will not find anything, when in dire need of inspration or anodyne music.

Hence, with all the evidence in hand it is easy to say, if the earning capacity of people in arts and humanities is reduced that of of people in science and economics will not only affect the society but also the humanity as a whole.

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Analytical writing – 2 (Argument)

“Mason city residents rank water sports amonth their favs. Mason river is rarely used. Dirty. Cleaning. More recreational activities. Hence more budget for riverside recreational activities”.

According to surveys conducted at Mason city, residents rank water sports as their favourite recreational activities. The Mason city park department, based on the same assumption, has decided to clean up Mason river which might yield an increase in these activities.

Although, idea to clean up the river, which has already got plethora of complaints regarding its dirtiness and bad smell, might work in favour of the department but their assumptions might go wrong too. What if, the residents who prefer water sports so much, might have found other venues for the same. Even if the department spends significant amount of their bidget to clean the riverside, they might not achieve their goal to attract the residents. For the same reason, the department must come up with surveys that ask for on going recreational activities of residents.

On a quick reflection on daily life of residents, department may also come to know about their connectivity. What if, the residents are not even aquainted to each other. The plan to increase recreational activity might fail in that case too. The department must plan to establish a club for the same.

The department has also not taken into account the fact how did the river become dirty? What if, city drainage systems lead to the same river. Once cleaned, the river will get dirty again in no time, which will lead to the decrease in registrations.

Recreational activities might also fail in several other cases that department has assumed. One of the case can be about flow of river, which might be too fast for activities like swimming and fishing. In this dangerous scenario, residents would definitly prefer some other location.

Hence we can conclude that there are many cases on which city park department must carry out some analysis before going for cleaning riverside.

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Analytical writing – 1 (Issue)

“As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate”.

“Sheer ease to get a task done obviates any hardship”, this has always been a case with humans. Now-a-days, what could have been completed in hours, with the help of technology, can be completed in few seconds. Though it makes lives go at fast pace yet it curbs the thinking. Few examples that support this issue are discussed below.

The greatest example that supports the given issue is calculator. Calculator helps in computation of complex mathematical problem in seconds. People prefer to stroke down certain numbers in seconds to calculating themselves. This has not only reduced but also curbed the human thinking.

Another example can be world’s most visited website: google. Google adminsters a sub domain named “”. This web page helps in translating languages. People, instead of going through a dictionary, prefer this website where they can get answer in moments. Dictionary, for sure, holds an advantage over google since it helps not only in knowing correct meaning but also displays its use in sentences. Sometimes people find some other related and important words while venturing through dictionaries.

Third most relevant example can be advancement of social networking websites. People spend hours admiring what others are doing, comparing the happiness in each others’ lives. They do not take out time for the betterment of their own lives. Hours wasted on social networking websites can, instead, be utilized by individuals to introspect, or, performing their hobbies, honing their skills. All of these will, for sure, add up to the thinking mechanisms of human beings.

Although technology has also proved much useful in some areas like education, where it can easily present before students a three dimensional diagram of atomic model but still we can argue it curbs the thinking there too.

As the proverb says, “too much of everything is bad”, too much of technology in daily life will definitely curb human thinking.

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