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Methi ki Sabzi (Nov 7, 2016)

  1. Cut potato
  2. Oil garam
  3. Peel lehsun and cut green chilly
  4. Put both in oil (after washing) alongwith ajwain
  5. After a while put potato and 1 spoon haldi and 1.5 spoon salt
  6. Keep the flame on sim and put lid
  7. Cut methi roots and then cut methi in half and repeat until it you get fine small pieces
  8. Wash methi in water
  9. Take it out and put it in mixture
  10. Keep the flame in sim. Let it cook.

Aaloo beans (and other) (Mar 7, 2017)

  1. Cut potato, onion, tomato and onions
  2. Oil (Sarso) garam
  3. Put onions in oil and cook until golden
  4. Put haldi (one-fourth spoon) and dhaniya masala (1.5 spoon)
  5. Stir and cook
  6. Put tomato and potato
  7. Cook again a little and then put beans, alognwith garam masala, salt
  8. Dhak do and let it cook

Kadhi pakoda (Mar 7, 2017)

  1. Mix besan, haldi, salt and make a paste
  2. Keep it for 20 minutes
  3. Oil (Sarso) garam
  4. Make pakodi (put small amounts of besan in oil)
  5. In a cooker put chaachand haldi and boil. Keep stirring
  6. When it starts to boil put pakodey
  7. Let it cook till it becomes thick.
  8. Tadka: Oil + methi (seeds) + jeera
  9. Fry ghee + laal mirch in bowl. When you serve, pour mixture on Kadhi

Poha (March 8, 2017)

  1. Wash chuda with hot water and keep it aside with salt
  2. Oil garam
  3. Put peeled and sliced onion and lehsun (garlic) and green chilly
  4. Cook until golden brown
  5. Put matar + tomatoe + Haldi
  6. Cook more and then put salt and dhak do
  7. Jab matar gal jaae then put poha. Acche se chala k fir put flames off after 2 minutes.

Breakfast aaloo matar (March 8, 2017)

  1. Same as that of poha. No tomato, no poha
  2. Just put potatoe also alongwith matar


  1. Wash and cut bhindi
  2. Oil garam
  3. Lehsun + green chilly
  4. Cook until golden brown
  5. Put bhindi and after cooking a while (dhak k) put salt (don’t dhak)



Kadhai paneer

* * * * *

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Batman Trilogy summary

Batman Begins:

Chill kills Bruce parents –> Freed after 14 years since he testified against Felcone –> Bruce intends to kill Chill but is killed first by Felcone’s man –> Rachael (childhood buddy) tries convincing he should follow his father to curb crimes done by Felcone –> Slaps him for attempting murder and leaves –> Bruce meets Felcone in club to tell he doesn’t fear him; gets beaten –> Runs to lead anonymous life and know criminals

Meets Ra’s al Ghul’s guy (Liam Neeson) who invites to train him –> gets trained as a member of league of shadows–> when asked to kill a criminal runs away by destroying everything and killing Ra’s al Ghul–> reaches gotham after 14 years

Bruce gets to know his company is going to be public –> asks for employment to William Earle –> meets Lucius who introduces him to various instruments –> Bruce develops a base under home –> Meets Gordon as Batman and tells him about Falcone’s shipment with stepler at his back and runs –> Batman intercepts drug shipment and gets Falcone arrested –> Saves rachel and meets as batman first time.

Crane poisons Falcony –> Declares him mental –> Falcony transferred to Arkham –> Batman asks police officer about rest 50% shipment and starts keeping an eye on Crane –> An emitter made by Wayne ent is stolen which is part of that 50% shipment being traded to Gotham–> Earle fires Lucius –> Crane encounters batman and exposes him to drug –> batman gets antidote from Lucius –> Rachael accuses Crane of corruption –> Gets to know about drug in water supply –> Crane exposes her to the drug –> Batman Saves Rachael

During B’day celebration meets real Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) –> Home burnt –> Saved by Alfred –> City goes into chaos after inhaling the drug –> Saves Rachael from mob –> reveals identity –> Intercepts Ghul in monorail containing emitter going to collide with city main water supply –> Defeats him

Lucius reinstated, fires earl (since Bruce has maximum shares)  –> Rachel leaves since he is not the old Bruce (lol) –> Bat signal introduction –> Joker card shown!

The Dark Knight:

Joker robs bank –> Gordon on crime scene tells batman about “the mob” and their money he tracks –> plans to seize all 5 banks having that money –> Meets Harvey Dent for the same –> Bruce holds a meeting with Lau’s company where he gets to find their illicit activities –> Mob holds a meeting where Lau tells them he took their money to Hong Kong from all 5 banks and kept it safe –> Joker intervenes meeting and asks for half the mob’s money if he kills batman –> One black guy doesn’t like joker since he stole mob’s money from bank –> Joker leaves but later kills black guy and takes his guys

Gordon, batman and Harvey hold meeting near bat signal –> Harvey and Gordon blame each other of having moles in their team –> Batman agrees to bring back Lau and does the same

Lau tells the name of all members of mob –> 400+ members get aquitted –> Main members get bail and they turn to Joker –> Joker hangs a dead body in front of Mayor’s office –> Tells via a video that he plans killing one man a day until Batman unmasks himself –> Through DNA on body Gordon comes to know Joker’s three targets: Comm, Judge, Harvey –> Joker kills commissioner (poisons drink), kills Judge (bombed) and hijacks Harveys party –> Batman intervenes, hides Harvey, fights Joker and saves Rachael

Next Joker attempts to kill Mayor –> Gordon dies saving –>Bruce asks Harvey to reveal him as batman but Harvey declare himself one –> While being transferred to jail gets attacked by Joker –> Batman saves Harvey and Gordon (he is alive!) handcuffs joker

Harvey goes missing –> batman interrogates joker and learns that Harvey and Rachael are in buildings full of explosive in locations totally opposite –> Batman goes for Rachael and Gordon for Harvey –> Meanwhile Joker explodes jail and flees –> Batman, to his surprise, reaches Harvey; saves him but with half burnt face –> Gordon fails to save Rachael –> Rachael dies

Gordon meets half burnt Harvey –> Harvey blames him and says he was right that Gordon had mole in his office –> Joker kills Lau, burns all his share of mob’s money –> Declares public to kill a man on news trying to reveal Batman’s identity or else he would bomb a hospital –> Chaos ! –> Bruce (in his Lamborghini) saves the man –> Joker meets Harvey in hospital –> Brain washes –> Bombs the hospital and take doctors as hostages

Dent kills cop and Maroni in revenge –> batman introduces Lucius to city-watch system and asks him to type his name when done –> Citizens decide to leave the city in Ferry until this chaos gets over –> Citizens get in one Ferry and prisoners get in another –> Joker tells via microphone that their Ferries have bombs and remote control of the other ferry is with them –> Gives them choice to explode the other before midnight and save themselves or both of them explode

Lucius finds joker via city-watch system –> Batman and swat team reach the place –> Joker tries a trick by masking hostages and make them appear like terrorists and terrorists as doctors –> Batman identifies that; fights SWAT; fights Joker –> Joker loses but tells about Harvey who he brain washed

Harvey abducts Gordon’s family and calls him the same place Rachael died –> Batman intervenes –> Both fall off roof and Harvey dies –> Batman takes responsibility of all the murders so that Joker doesn’t win and Harvey remains the White Knight –> Lucius types name and machine crashes –> Alfred burns the letter where Rachael tried to tell Bruce that she will marry Harvey – Batman man hunt begins because “Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain!”

The Dark Knight Rises:

Peace time prevails –> Gordon could not tell truth about Harvey –> Meanwhile bane kidnaps Russian scientist and places a body in plane with his blood sample –> Cat woman breaks into Bruce’s house, confronts him, runs taking his mother’s necklase –> Kidnaps a congressman –> Bruce realizes she came there to take his finger prints –> Catwoman gives the fingerprints to assistant of John Daggot in return of slate –> Gets deceived; calls cops using the Congressman –> Gordon goes into a manhole while chasing thugs –> Gets attacked by Bane’s guys –> Manages to escape but gets hit by bullets –> Robin saves Gordon –> Hospitalized

Bruce meets Gordon –> Gordon forces batman to come back –> Bruce meets Lucius; learns all his finance has been funelled to clean energy project –> Tracks catowoman and takes his necklase back –> Also meets Miranda Tate who is also funding clean energy project

Bane attacks stock exchange –> Flees after copying some program –> Batman tries to catch but police chases him instead of the thugs –> Runs away from Police in Bat flyer –> Saves Catwoman from Dagget and Bane –> Fires Alfred learning that hid from him that Rachael didn’t love him –> Gets to know he is bankrupt; Bane used fingerprint to appropriate his shares –> John Dagget tries to take over the company but Bruce plans to sell it to Miranda tate and introduces her to the fusion rector –> Daggot gave Bane oppty to work underground Gotham in return of this stock exchane plan; Bane says everything is going as per plan; kills daggot –> Bruce has sex with Tate ! –> Catwoman takes Batman to Bane to get slate in return but deceives to save her life –> Batman fights bane; gets defeated and gets throne in the well (prison)

Bane gets hold of Wayne Ent armory –> Kidnaps board members –> Takes in charge of reactor –> Uses Russian scientist to turn it nuclear which might explodes in 5 months time –> Robin finds out about gasoline everywhere in the city but too late –> Bombs explode everywhere –> Police get trapped underground –> Bane introduces his plan to Gotham during rugby match –> Kills scientist; only man who know how to diffuse it –> bombs all bridges –> Asks outsiders not to interfere or else bomb blasts –> Frees all prisoners and tells truth about Harvey dent –> Makes army –> Gordon manages to flee the hospital

Bruce manages to flee from the well –> Comes back to Gotham –> Meets Catwoman –> Gives slate and asks her to take him to Lucius –> Tries making plan about diffusal –> Saves Gordon and others from exile punishment –> Catwoman takes batpod from batman and leaves the city –> War happens –> Batman fights bane –> About to win but Tate stabs him –> Get to know that Tate is Talia, Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter –> Gordon manages to cut remote control and bomb connection –> Tate leaves in bat vehicle to protect bomb –> Catwoman comes back and kills Bane; saves batman

Tate dies protecting bomb but tells that it cannot be attached back to reactor since she has overriden all policies –> Lucius attempting to kick on the reactor drowns everything –> batman takes the bomb in bat flyer and detonates it outside 6 mile radius

People think batman is dead –> Make him hero –> Lucius learns that Bat flyer’s auto pilot was working and was fixd by Bruce himself –> Alfred sees Bruce and catwoman happily together in Florence and leaves –> Robin reaches bat cave.

* * * * *

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1. Database server = Instance (Processes + Memory) + Files (Database)

2. Single Instance Database = 1 Instance – 1 Database

3. RAC = Multi instance – 1 Database

4. On client access, listener creates dedicated server process which then accesses the database. Dispatcher pushes SQL in SQL queue, instead of creating individual server process for each client.

5. Data files:

>> Table Space is associated with .dbf files. One Table Space may be associated with several .dbf files.

>> Table space > Segments > Extents > Blocks (Header, table info, row info, data)

6. Processes:

>> Server processes: represent client.

>> Background processes: processes running since server start (DBWriter)

>> Slave processes: work for either server or BG processes

7. Partitions: Range partitions, hash partitions, list partitions, sub partitions (e.g. range+hash)

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HR questions

1. What was the last most technically challenging thing you did in your project?
2. Mention some improvements that were suggested by your manager in past.
3. What would be one thing that you will change in your previous project?
4. What motivates you to work daily?
5. Describe a time when you encountered a production bug and how did you solve it? What was your role?
6. Did anytime you work overtime for getting things done?
7. Let us assume that production ETL started to fail. How would you proceed?
8. How does a typical day starts in your job?
9. What blogs do you follow for SQL?
10. What latest technology news did you follow? Anything apart from BI field?
11. How long is your notice period?
12. Do you prefer researching a lot or work so that customer gets satisfied?

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GIT commands

$ git clone <URL>

$ git add .

$ git commit -m “<message>”

$ git push origin master

$ git pull origin master

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Backend interview questions


Important questions and links:

TSQL Questions:

  • Finding Grand parent in a parent-child table (!6/24c7b/6)
  • There are three projects and each have its table. Table have information of employee ids and hours of work they have done in that project. Print list of all employees and total hours they have worked across all projects. (Full Outer Join with Coalesce)
  • Implementation of SCD – 2 (Pull data from sources, make a dimension which has 4 of its columns trended)
  • Output for a query that contains a self-joined table on condition A.ID = B.ID – 1 and select has subtraction of fact
  • Many to many relationship (keep mapping table)
  • Left Join and WHERE clause (which works as EXCEPT

SQL Hacks:

SQL Hacks book: (Download it from

Important hacks:

  • 3
  • 10 (Without the subquery, the optimizer finds it much easier to use your indexes)
  • 11
  • 23
  • 24 (Multiply across result set) (Exp, SUM, Log)
  • 25
  • 27 (Join on equality condition and OR)
  • 31
  • 51
  • 52
  • 56
  • 75
  • 78
  • 80
  • 81
  • 82
  • 84
  • 85
  • 88

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TOEFL – WQ2 (10)

In my view old friends that we have and new friends that make are pretty different on the scale of trust we lay on them and expectation they have from us. Comparing them on this scale I tend to agree with the topic that it is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new ones.
The level of trust we bestow on our old mates is more than we do on the new ones. There are several reasons for that, long years of realtionship being the most important. When it comes to lending vehicle, looking after our home or asking for money, for instance, it requires us to trust someone whom we know from several years and not months or days. Hence, new friends, who have been there with us for few months, cannot be trusted when it comes to such important aspects of life.
Second, the old friends do not have much expectation from us. We often befriend people when we are young. Back then friendship has no strings attached. We get together to play sports, have conversation or study together. However, as we grow up we start making friends in the same economic status we belong. The new friends we have have an expectation from us to be in the same zone of economy so that they can maintain their reputation. Also, some friends we make who belong to lower economy have expectation of getting help from us now and then. Personally, I have seen cases where these are the friends who are first to leave us during our economic crisis. Old friends, who have never had any expectation from us in past, tend to lend us hand for help.
However, it is important to make new friends. As the life progresses it may happen that we take a different career path than our old friends. We lose contacts and our conversation with them weakens. In that case, it is always adviced to make new friends and be socially active. Among these new friends, then, we will have to choose one best friend we would like to be in contact as and when we get old. After all, it is only after a considerable time when we can start trusting them and become as good as old friends.
All in all, in my view, it doesn’t hurt to make new friends but, given the higher level of trust we place and no expectations, it is better to concentrate more on sticking with old friends.

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